Shropshire Resources

Gazetteer Download

A list of more than 7,500 Shropshire place names, with grid references and Tetrad IDs. It also includes a few notable place names across or just over the border (‘NS’). Compiled from the Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale maps, originally by volunteers at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust in the late 1980s and substantially updated since.

Map of county coverage of OS 1:50,000 scale maps Download

Map of county coverage of OS 1:25,000 scale maps Download

Tetrad List Download

A list of Shropshire’s 870 tetrads, those containing 50% or more on the county within them.

Excel base map of Shropshire’s 870 tetrads Download

Each tetrad in it's own cell. It can be used, to map features.

The Shropshire Migrant Arrivals Database (SMAD) Download

As used in Publications, Tucker (2016), updated annually.