Shropshire Rookeries resurvey 2020

This is the second of the two-year resurvey of Shropshire’s rookeries, following the previous surveys of 1975/76 and 2008.


Thomas Bewick 1753–1828

A group of volunteers has been allocated with complete lists of known sites to check on this year, shared among 10km x 10km squares (hectads). Concurrently there is some surveying of 30 randomly selected 2km x 2km squares (tetrads) – from the 400 in Shropshire believed to be without rookeries – are they really without?

Casual observers of rookeries are invited to submit them to the scheme – there are certainly more to be discovered and reported for the first time. If you do submit a rookery – and my thanks in advance – please send the following information to

  • the location; an Ordnance Survey grid reference is best, please
  • offer a site name; somewhere close by
  • an accurate nest count (try at least five times from different angles)
  • the date you counted them

You can use the Rookery Report form below.
Thank you; I will get back to you about the site, if it previously is known or not.

For the use of the recorders during survey work the following PDFs are provided to search, download and/or print out.

  1. Field Recording 2020 form Download
  2. Rookery Report 2020 form Download
  3. List of rookeries reported in 1975/76 Download
  4. List of rookeries reported in 2008 Download

Thank you for whatever help you contribute to the scheme this year.

The results will be published in the Shropshire Bird Report 2020 and/or 2021.


John Tucker