2024 Rookeries Survey

Thank you for taking part in the 2024 survey of Rookeries in Shropshire.

The map below shows the results of the survey in 2020.

Green pinsshow sites that were occupied

Black pins show sites that appeared to be 'dead'.

If you are reporting an existing site, click on its pin and its details will popup and can be sent to the form below.

If you have found an apparently new site, click on the map at its position.

Either way, please then complete the details in the form and submit it.

Further Guidance for the Survey (PDF)

Location (click on Map above to select location and inject coordinates below)


Site Ref:     No of Nests seen:     Date of Visit:

Site Name/Description:

My Name:

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Confirmation email: if you don’t wish to receive a copy of your report uncheck:

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