Shropshire Rookeries Survey 2019


Rook – Wood engraving: Thomas Bewick


Thank you for enquiring about the 2019 Rookeries Survey, a Citizen Science project carried out by volunteers around the county to record the rookeries in use this year. It will enable a comparison with a similar survey in 2008 which found over 500 rookeries.

I want to answer the question:
"How are the rookeries faring, after 11 years?”

If you helped with the survey in 2008 please skip to *** below.


Please help this Citizen Science project

Rooks nest in noisy colonies which can number more than 100 nests, often near human dwellings. They will keep adding new nests until April so you should count the nests in the second half of April, this should also be before the trees have leaves which will hide them.

1 Make a note of where the rookery is

• Submit the name of the nearest settlement or other prominent feature

• You could include a sketch map of where it is

• Even better provide me with an Ordnance Survey grid reference

2. Count the nests

• It is a good idea to count once and write the number down, move to a new position and count them again – you will probably not get the same number

• Do that several times and submit your best estimate of the number of nests


*** Especially if you helped in 2008, thank you for contributing this year.

Below is a sample of the 2008 data you can view the full PDF here which includes the list of sites recorded


All of the sites are listed and you can find those which you reported on, their reference number, site name, grid reference, tetrad and the number of nests. I hope you find it useful.


For example:

The full results of the survey will be published in the Shropshire Ornithological Society’s annual bird report for 2019 and a summary will be available on this website in the autumn.

Thank you for taking part. John Tucker, Spring 2019