Current Projects

John Tucker contributes to annual data-gathering to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and the Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS) bird population recording and monitoring surveys. He also carries out his own population monitoring projects, stemming from his over-riding interest in historical ecology and historical ornithology.


  • Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) – two 1km squares in South Shropshire.
  • Garden Birdwatch around home.
  • BirdTrack: He submits data from a local ‘constant effort’ route, walked almost daily.
  • BTO’s occasional species-specific surveys, recently for example five tetrads for the Owls Project 2018/19.


  • In 2020 the completion of the two-season SRS19/20 Shropshire Rookeries Survey, for a comparison with data gathered in SRS08 in 2008.
  • HHP20, a survey of the in 2020, for a camparison with the data gathered ion HHP15 in 2015.
  • An analyses, with co-author John Arnfield, of the 46,000 or so bird records sent to the SOS in 2018 from nearly 500 locations by 344 observers; what lessons can be learned? For submission to the 2019 Shropshire Bird Report in the mid 2020.