Some papers and books by or co-authored with John Tucker.
A selection only of material from Zambia 1970–1976.

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Tucker, JJ (1982) The European Heathland Interest Register. Privately published and maintained register of people with research and/or management interests in heathlands of Europe. NOTE: Before the days of e-mail this was a major aid to communication between heathland professionals for a decade.

Tucker, JJ (1983) Estimation of tree age using the increment borer – the invisible years. Arbloric J. 7(4):335-6. (See also Tucker (1979b)).

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Tucker, JJ (2010) Management Plan for Farasuto Forest Community Nature Reserve, The Gambia. Published privately in a limited hard copy edition for consumption principally in The Gambia and online via

Tucker, JJ (2011) An annotated Bird Species List for the parish of Hopesay, south Shropshire. Maintained up-to-date, 104 species at 2 July 2012, online at

Tucker, JJ & Tucker PG (2012) The Historical Ornithology of Shropshire for the Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS). All available published material relating to the birds of the county; close to 5,000 pages with a species index currently of around 11,000 entries; ongoing. Online at

Tucker, J (2012) Quest to discover Black Grouse story. The Shropshire Magazine. September 2012, pp.118–119.


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Rookeries in the Shrewsbury district, 1939 to 2012. The Shropshire Bird Report.

The Black Grouse and heathlands in Shropshire – a historical review. Research scheduled for 2012–2013.


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