As a volunteer I contribute to annual data-gathering via the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS) bird population-recording and monitoring surveys:


  • Breeding Bird Survey (BBS)
  • Water Breeding Birds Survey (WBBS)
  • Garden BirdWatch
  • BTO national bird records database BirdTrack


  • Shropshire Breeding Bird Atlas and wintering distribution schemes and county bird records generally as they arise


  • One-off BTO and/or SOS usually one-year species surveys as they arise.
  • “The Back Grouse in Shropshire Enquiry. Now extinct in the county – but not forgotten”, examining its past distribution in Shropshire especially using shooting estate records. Starting autumn 2012.

    Article from Shropshire Magazine, September 2012, see article page 1, page 2


  • “The Shropshire Rookery Survey 2008”. Data on over 570 sites will be used in the species account in the forthcoming “Shropshire Avifauna”.
  • Similarly information from “Rookeries in the Shrewsbury district, 1939 to 2012” (in prep.) will apply to the “Shropshire Avifauna”.
  • “An annotated Bird Species List for the parish of Hopesay, south Shropshire”, online here:
  • See also “The Historical Ornithology of Shropshire” (published jointly with Tucker, PG) which is being updated with new material click here


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