Tucker, J, & Tucker, P. (2018)

Journal of Field Ornithology. Vol II. 1888–1911

Holbrook Design. Privately published, 30 copies

Ed. Tucker, J., Design Tucker, P

Originally the handwritten Journal of Field Ornithology, Vol. II 1888–1911, of Charles Gawen Roberts Gawen (1860–1940) surfaced in 2015. It remains one of only two nineteenth century diaries, the other being that of two brothers living initially near Clive – Diaries of C.S. & D.JH. Meares, Vol. 1 & 2, 1892–1949, published in a limited edition of 50 copies by T.A. Waddell in 2017 – see ‘Histo’ (at 2017).

Thanks to a grant from the SOS Gawen’s Journal has been transcribed and extensively checked. It is published in a limited edition of 30 copies. The entire text is available online on Histo, at 1911. J. Tucker acted as editor and Peter Tucker designed the book.

The original diary is lodged in the Shropshire Archive as item M19430/1 along with a hard copy in book form and a hard copy is deposited in the SOS Archive.