Tucker, J. (2010)

The Relative Abundance of Farmland Birds in North Shropshire during 2010

Shropshire Bird Report 2010 51:9–17

During summer 2010 I undertook a survey contract with the RSPB examining fifteen farmland sites, principally in north Shropshire. The work was part of an extensive national evaluation of the effectiveness of DEFRA’s Higher Level Stewardship Scheme in conserving bird populations, especially threatened farmland species. All breeding records were passed to the 2007–2013 National BTO Atlas scheme, thus onwards to the county survey and this paper is mainly a statistical summary of the extensive work on farmland birds at the time.

The national results were ultimately published here:

Higher-tier agri-environment scheme enhances breeding densities of some priority farmland birds in England. (2015). Jennifer A. Bright, Antony J. Morris, Rob H. Field, Andrew I. Cooke, Philip V. Grice, Leila K. Walker, Jeremy Fern, Will J. Peach. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 203 (2015) 69–79.

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