Tucker, J. (2010 et seq.)

Farasuto Forest Community Nature Reserve

Management Plan and website (Peter)

Peter and I were introduced to Farasuto Forest, in western The Gambia, in 2009. The relic patch of Guinea-Conga forest is very small (the size of three football pitches) but supports a disproportionately high number of obligate forest bird species. The website, created by Peter, presents most of the details, including periodic updates, most recently Number 20. The designation as a Community Nature Reserve has been endorsed by the Alcalos (head men) of both Kuloro and Tungina, the local authority and the Kuloro Development Committee.

Using grant aid from a sympathetic charity JT spent much of 2010 preparing a Management Plan for the forest and Peter created the website. Since then, largely thanks to the huge efforts on the ground of the Kuloro Bird Organisation and its members, supported by a succession of increasingly generous financial donors, some of the adapted Plan’s key objectives have been achieved. The site has been fenced, to secure it from grazing by cattle from adjoining land, tree planting has been undertaken to fill gaps which were previously grazed and a visitor hut, with his and hers loos, is currently (late 2019) being completed.

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