Tucker, J. (unpublished)

SRS08. Shropshire Rookery Survey 2008

I organised a county census of all known rookeries in the county. Volunteers were requested to report any and all colonies; locality, nest count, date and where possible the tree species in use. Over 130 volunteers responded by submitting reported of 540 rookeries in the year with a further 30 added subsequently. The data are held on computer and in hard copy form and will revert to the SOS in due course as a permanent record, along with the hard copy data from the 1975/76 BTO county data.

A repeat survey SRS19/20, a decade on, was begun in 2019 and will be completed in 2020 with the objective of carrying out a comprehensive comparison with SRS08, and 1976. The early indications are of a notable decline in the total population since 2008.