Tucker, J. (1998)

The Peregrine Falcon in Shropshire – whatever next?

British Wildlife. 9(4):227–31

Other than an isolated breeding report in 1970 (and very likely in pre-history), the Peregrine did not start to breed regularly in the county until 1987. Working at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust I formed the Shropshire Peregrine Group (SPG), comprised of the volunteer nest-site wardens of an increasing number of breeding pairs. After ten years the number of breeding sites in the county had reached ten and I wrote this paper for British Wildlife.

The title was meant to prompt me to write a follow-up after a further decade but alas I never did. By 2019, after 33 years, the number of breeding pairs has reached over 30, still monitored and guarded by the SPG, including one the of the very few tree-nesting pairs in Britain.

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