Shropshire Trust for Nature Conservation (now Shropshire Wildlife Trust). A4 44pp

Losing Ground in Shropshire (1989)

I was appointed Conservation Officer (CO) for the then Shropshire Trust for Nature Conservation (now Shropshire Wildlife Trust) in 1983. By 1989 the team had accumulated sufficient data to produce this report on habitat loss. It was the county’s contribution to the national campaign by the Trusts that year. That was back in the times when Trusts were lucky to even have COs, much less directors or CEOs, and it was COs who met once a year, considered matters and decided the campaign for the coming year. It was Tim Sands at the national office in Lincoln who came up with the ‘Losing Ground’ slogan, while waiting the bar during that year’s annual conference; I was there.

The concept of the report was mine, I managed the data accumulation for 15 years, the data and map graphics were handled by two computer specialist Trust volunteers and the document was designed by my brother Peter.

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