Tucker, J.J. (1978)

A River Warbler Locustella fluviatilis ‘wintering’
and moulting in Zambia

Bull. Brit. Orn. Club 98(1):2-4.

While housemaster at Kabulonga Boys’ School 1974–76 I had immediate access to a 3ha patch of scrub in the campus. On that site I maintained ringing during the three wet seasons, catching wintering Palaearctic migrants. I also attempted to determine, by colour-ringing, the number of females per male in the resident breeding and polygynous Red-collared Whydah, Euplectes ardens. I succeeded in mapping the territories of the four to seven males each season but I made only one visual record of a female (of the ca. 80 I colour marked) – they remained hidden in the 2m tall grass.

Among the Palaearctic migrants were for example Zambia’s then second Olive-tree Warbler, Hippolias olivatorum and two River Warblers, L. fluviatilis whose wintering grounds were then unconfirmed. I wrote up the River Warblers and they remain my sole contribution to BWP, 6:80.

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